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The People’s Advocate, Mihail Cotorobai, addressed to the public authorities of the Republic of Moldova, and to the citizens to be united in these difficult times. We are to cooperate together, we should be responsible as citizens, in order to overcome the crisis made by the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The People’s Advocate mentioned that it is essential to take into account the human rights while speaking about the control measures of the COVID-19 virus.

 Mihail Cotorobai, emphasize that the restrictions imposed by the public authorities are necessary, legitimate, reasonable and proportional to the risk or threat to public health, those restrictions are imposed in order to ensure the protection of the population from contamination with the new type of Coronavirus.

 Mihail Cotorobai calls the authorities to continue their actions under conditions of maximum transparency, it is also advisable to make every effort to effectively manage the crisis while respecting the rights and interests of citizens.

The Ombudsman emphasize that the restrictions imposed by the public authorities, in the context of the allert of the new type of Coronavirus, are to correspond to the main requirements of all groups of people, it is also important to not admit discrimination upon marginalized groups.

In response to the epidemic with COVID-19 infection, the People’s Advocate, calls the authorities to ensure the respect of the salary rights of individuals as a result of setting a remote work schedule in the public service.

Mihail Cotorobai mentioned that it is crucial to provide all the necessary to the population from all localities in the country, here we should mention provision of the population with food, medicines, drinking water supply systems, energy supply, electricity, utility bills, especially in the situation when people are urged to minimize their mobility, while staying at home. In order to maintain this regime of self-isolation of persons, there will be created all the necessary conditions for the population to be able to make payments online for various categories of services, and where this is not possible, the payment term will be extended. Taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country, the People’s Advocate also recommends the extension of the procedure for filing tax returns and declarations of wealth and personal interests.

The People’s Advocate recommends to the Government to consider the opportunity of adopting socio-economic arrangements to support the categories of population and the economic agents affected by the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Mihail Cotorobai also urges the public authorities to establish a rigorous control over the persons who have recently returned from the areas affected by COVID-19, in order to ensure compliance with the self-isolation or quarantine regime.

At the same time, the People’s Advocate addresses the citizens with the urge to strictly follow the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and the protection against COVID-19 contamination. It is obligatory to respect the regime of self-isolation or quarantine, also it is obligatory to address to the doctor at the first symptoms of the illness, in a urgent manner those who have returned from high risk areas or have been in contact with the people who have traveled to these areas.

It is necessary to inform the doctors about these circumstances in cases where people are at higher risk for other medical conditions. In cases where these rules are not respected, these conditions can lead to contamination of close persons and the spread of the virus in the community. Mihail Cotorobai pointed out that by ignoring the rules, the irresponsibility manifested by some people can affect the right to health or even to life of other people, endangering the safety and public health. The People’s Advocate recalls that, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, citizens have not only rights, but also duties, the Article 55 of the Constitution state that “every person exercises his/her constitutional rights and freedoms in good faith, without violating the rights and freedoms of others.”.

The People’s Advocate supports the urge of the public authorities addressed to citizens to refrain from going out into the public spaces and avoiding crowded places, except for some urgent situations.

Mihail Cotorobai noted that in order to win the virus COVID-19, it is advisable for all of us to be responsible and united. We should have the respect for the human dignity, fundamental freedoms and rights, manifested equally by the public authorities and citizens.

The People’s Advocate mentioned that he will continue to monitor the respect for human rights and the situation in the country in the context of COVID-19, recalling that, as provided for by the Law no. 52/2014, Article 5, paragraph 6, declaring a state of emergency, siege or war throughout the country or in some localities does not suspend the activity of the People’s Advocate.



2020/ 03/ 16 




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