With deep sorrow, we found about the death of the Ombudsman, Mihail Cotorobai.

A convinced militant for justice, equity and social progress, Mihail Cotorobai was the man who was not afraid to tell the truth and to plead firmly for the primacy of law, human rights and the democratization of society. Deputy in the first Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, was the basis for building the independent state of the Republic of Moldova as a judge of the Constitutional Court, he supervised the observance of the norms of the Supreme Law, as a university professor he educated generations of lawyers.

During his service as an Ombudsman, Mihail Cotorobai contributed substantially to the development of the Ombudsman’s Office and to the intransigent promotion of the values of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

During his five years as Ombudsman, Mihail Cotorobai did not hesitate to make his opinion public, objectively and sharply, when there were threats to fundamental rights and freedoms, the rule of law and democracy in the Republic of Moldova.

I have always appreciated the courage, perseverance, principledness and determination with which Mihail Cotorobai knew how to deal with difficult situations, putting above all human value and dignity, the interest of people and the country as a whole. A person with distinguished human qualities, Mihail Cotorobai was a colleague and a wise, forgiving, caring, responsible and respectful manager.

Mihail Cotorobai will remain in our memory as an Ombudsman who helped to raise the prestige and credibility of the National Institution for Human Rights in the Republic of Moldova.

We express our deepest condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the man who was Mihail Cotorobai.

May God rest his Soul in peace!

Members of the team of the Ombudsman’s Office


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