„Respect for human rights under the conditions of emergency. The beneficiaries inform. The People’s Advocates react”, this is the title of the new heading set up on the official page of the People’s Advocate Office.

The heading is created as a tool for monitoring the respect of human rights in the Republic of Moldova during the emergency regime, caused by the epidemic of the new type Coronavirus, based on the signals received from the beneficiaries of the institution.

The officials of the Office do not set their purpose, but neither will be able to verify all the situations reported by the alleged violation of human rights. The signals will be made public on the official website of the People’s Advocate Office, but also brought as a matter of urgency to the knowledge of the relevant authorities, to verify the information and to intervene in case of necessity according to the attributions.

This will be mentioned in the description of each case separately. The People’s Advocates propose establishing contact persons within the Ministry of Health, Labour, Social Protection and Family, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the Reintegration Policies Bureau for timely information on issues brought to the attention of citizens.


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