Children’s Ombudsman: The Republic of Moldova has undertaken to provide the highest quality medical care and health care for all children

The People’s Advocate for children’s rights is concerned about the unsatisfactory conditions in which children are treated in hospital medical institutions, including those infected with the COVID-19 virus. Maia Banarescu urges the responsible public authorities to make their maximum effort to provide children with quality medical services, appropriate medical treatment, in decent conditions, providing sufficient food, psychological assistance to children and accompanying adults.

The Children’s Ombudsman condemns the intimidation and blaming of parents for disclosures about the inappropriate conditions in which children are treated, pointing out that the attention of health care managers and other responsible persons should be directed towards taking measures to immediately to restore the rights of minor patients.

Maia Banarescu mentions in this context, the case of the little girl hospitalized in Floresti. This, although she complained of symptoms of bronchopneumonia, was hospitalized with her mother in a ward that1 obviously did not meet the minimum recommended standards for such category of patients. Previously, it was publicized (2) the case of the mother with three children hospitalized at the Municipal Clinical Hospital for Children “Valentin Ignatenco” from Chisinau with suspicions of infection with the new type of coronavirus. The children’s mother complained about the inappropriate attitude towards her and the children. Maia Banarescu also mentions another case, which came to her attention, in which a parent from Soroca district complained about the bad conditions in the district hospital medical institution (3)  in which the children are treated.

The Ombudsman for Children states that the right to health care, as a fundamental right of the person, is closely linked to his or her physical and mental, individual and social existence and recalls that the Republic of Moldova, as a State Party to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, has undertaken to provide all children with the necessary quality medical care and health care through central and local specialized bodies. Moreover, the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova provides in paragraph (2) of Article 50 that young people and children enjoy a special regime of assistance in enforcement of their rights.

Maia Banarescu emphasizes that the respective provision must be taken into account when realizing the children’s right to health in the context of the current epidemiological situation. The Declaration of the Committee of Ministers of the Council on Strengthening the Rights of the Child – a Key Right for the Future of Europe, adopted at its meeting on 11 March 2020, also reaffirms the State’s commitment to protecting the rights of the child, especially in times of crisis major to overlook or compromise the rights of children, especially children in vulnerable situations.

Maia Banarescu reiterates the need to increase the authorities’ attention to children with disabilities, children born prematurely and those born with health problems, being considered particularly vulnerable people during this period, based on their poor health. With regard to people with disabilities, the Children’s Ombudsman notes that UN experts also recommend that the authorities of the UN Member States take further action during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect them.

The People’s Advocate for Children’s Rights, Maia Banarescu, on April 7, notified ex officio the situation of children admitted in hospital medical institutions for treatment: children infected with coronavirus, who need hemodialysis procedure, suffering from lung diseases, children diagnosed with cancer, other diseases, newborns, premature babies, those from psycho-neurological institutions, etc.

The Children’s Ombudsman will further monitor the state of affairs in the area concerned, calling on the relevant authorities not to admit the violation of the child’s right to health, implicitly during the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the People’s Advocate for children’s rights encourages parents to report on the irregularities identified in the medical institutions related to the treatment of children at his personal address on Facebook, at the e-mail addresses; or at the telephone number 060002678 (Tamara Tentiuc).


2020/ 04/ 24

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