Natalia Moloșag – the new appointed People’s Advocate

Natalia Moloșag has been appointed to the position of the People’s Advocate for a term of seven years. A decision in this regard was taken by the Parliament on September 24, 2021, with the vote of 57 deputies.

Natalia Molosag has a degree in law and was awarded for human rights initiatives in the field of human rights at the UN Awards. According to her CV, Natalia Moloșag has a theoretical and practical training in the field of human rights. In the over 15 years of activity, she has dedicated herself to this segment of activity, both at nationally and internationally level. In addition, Natalia Moloșag contributed to the foundation of the state-guaranteed legal aid system.

11 people participated in the competition for the position of People’s Advocate. Nine of the applicants were admitted to the interview test.

After totalling the results and according to the score accumulated by each of the participants in the public competition, by the decision of the Special Commission, two candidates for the position of People’s Advocate (Ombudsman) were selected: Andrei Brighidin and Natalia Moloșag.

According to the law, the candidate for the position of People’s Advocate must meet several conditions, including at least ten years of work experience and notorious activity in the field of defence and promotion of human rights.

On February 4, 2021, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Decision on the early termination of the mandate of the People’s Advocate and declared vacant the position of People’s Advocate (Ombudsman).

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