The People’s Advocate for children’s rights reports on the issue of non-obseravance of the right to access to information and petitions during the state of emergency, and requests the guardianship authorities to update the web pages of institutions with information that would ensure observance of these rights.

In the endeavor submitted to the territorial guardianship authorities, Maia Banarescu mentions that an increasing number of people, due to traffic restrictions, are forced to call the guardianship institutions by phone or e-mail, but cannot obtain the necessary information and support because the official web pages of the institutions are not updated, the working schedule, working telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and / or another way of communicating with the citizens are not indicated.

Thus, the Children’s Ombudsman finds a violation of the rights of persons to information and petitions, as well as, of other related rights. The lack / limitation of access to services provided by local and territorial guardianship authorities affects the enforcement of parental rights and obligations, which is inadmissible, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maia Banarescu recommended taking operational measures in order to immediately restore the infringed rights of applicants, by updating / completing the web pages of guardianship institutions with data that would facilitate access to services, and ensure the enforcement of rights to information and petitioning, including the right to assistance and social protection of minor beneficiaries.

In the endeavor submitted to the guardianship authorities, the Children’s Ombudsman also addressed the issue of respect for the rights to life, health, care and social protection of children with disabilities and children at risk.

Maia Banarescu requested information on how the activity of local and territorial guardianship authorities and intersectoral mechanisms is organized, to ensure the protection of children with disabilities, potential victims of violence or neglect, children without parental care and supervision, placed in residential institutions, placement or family type.

The People’s Advocate for children’s rights also requested to be informed about COVID-19 virus protection measures taken in residential institutions where children are, the epidemiological situation within them, as well as, on training social workers how to ensure the protection of children in cases of quarantine isolation of a family member suspected of carrying the virus, but also providing social workers with adequate protection equipment.



2020/ 04/ 27

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