People’s Advocate for the Rights of the Child: The new type of coronavirus spares no one. Do not put children at risk of COVID-19 contamination

The People’s Advocate for Children’s Rights, Maia Banarescu, calls on the responsibility of parents, grandparents and other adults to protect children from COVID-19 infection. The increasing rate of infections in recent days in the Republic of Moldova, which includes many children, shows that the virus can affect them equally and that this disease does not spare anyone. Thus, according to the latest official data, 97 children are currently being treated in hospitals due to the new type of Coronavirus contamination, and from the beginning of the pandemic until June 1, 405 children were contaminated with the disease.

In cases related to children, contaminations are often the result of adults ignoring doctors’ advice and health rules, which endangers the health of all family members. The consequences can be dramatic for some people, as confirmed by the number of deaths and serious cases. Although the virus is not as ruthless with children, the pain and trials that those infected go through are very excruciating for any parent.

After an hour or two spent on the playgrounds, in the yard in the company of other children or walks on crowded streets, visits to commercial units can follow days and weeks of treatment in overcrowded hospitals and in the care of doctors who reached their limit.

The Children’s Ombudsman addresses parents and grandparents not to be at risk of COVID-19 contamination and not expose their children or grandchildren to this danger. Their suffering, in case of contamination, will be on your conscience.

Maia Banarescu draws attention to the fact that contamination of children can become a painful experience for any parent, urging them not to treat with distrust and indifference a danger that has upset the whole world. The Children’s  Ombudsman  claims that, defying the danger and disregarding the COVID-19 virus, which is seen by some people as a simple seasonal flu, can cost you sleepless nights and remorse for not protecting your children from the pain and stress of isolation from loved ones.

Bravery and ostentation do not take place when the health of your children, of your loved ones, is at stake. Be responsible and vigilant, do not test the virus endangering your children!

At the same time, Maia Banarescu shows solidarity with the doctors who treat the patients infected with COVID-19, implicitly with those from the children’s hospitals, addressing the population with the urge to respect their work and to spare their forces that are at the limit.

The People’s Advocate for Children’s Rights calls on the population to support the efforts of the authorities to combat the epidemic through discipline and compliance with the rules of health, social distance and isolation. We will only be able to face the virus if we take  its danger entirely serious. It depends on how quickly we overcome the health crisis and return to normal life, claims the Children’s  Ombudsman.



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